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Tony has been a lawyer in Winnipeg since 1996 and practices mainly in the area of criminal defense law. He is pleased to launch his own law firm effective January 1st 2015.

Before joining the criminal law firm of Bueti Wasyliw Wiebe in 2011, Tony worked as a senior prosecutor at Manitoba Justice where he prosecuted all types of matters including serious frauds, domestic violence issues and murder charges.

In the last three years Tony has represented people charged with all types of criminal charges including drive impaired cases. He prides himself on a client-centered approach and works hard on finding practical solutions.  With many years of experience in the criminal courts (on both sides of the fence) he can help you figure out the next steps.

He will develop a multi-level strategy and tactical plan in handling your matter for trial. But even if you think you should plead guilty, you’ll need help dealing with the prosecutor and the Judge to achieve best results.

He also handles administrative and civil matters (particularly in the professional discipline area) and is an independent adjudicator. He teaches at the Canadian Centre for Professional and Legal Education and at the Law School (University of Manitoba).

Tony offers a range of services & fee options and believes all lawyers should accept Legal Aid certificates, not just junior lawyers.

For a free 30 minute consultation, please contact Tony. If he cannot help you, he will at least point you in the right direction.


CONGRATULATIONS to James Lowry and Serena Ehrmantraut.

After years of law school and intensive articles where they represented hundreds of clients, they will receive their Call to the Manitoba Bar on May 20th 2015 and will join the firm as Associates in June and July respectively.

Jim Lowry Jim hails from Ontario and spent his “first” career with the Toronto Police Service. After years in the fraud squad he was appointed to internal affairs where he finished his policing career. After investigating police officers in a very high profile case attracting national media attention, he was persuaded to try his hand at law. He brings a wealth of experience as an investigator and has law degrees from both the University of Ottawa and University of Toronto.


Serena has her roots in Sagkeeng First Nation. After her first degree, she worked with at-risk-youth, conductedSerena intake work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and also conducted research with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. She served as President of the Manitoba Aboriginal Law Student’s Association and completed her law degree in Manitoba. After her articles (and after her month-long stint shadowing Provincial Court Judges) she will bring her wealth of experience from her community and life to the practice of law.


They will join a tradition of delivering quality service, innovative legal solutions and a strong commitment to their professional and general community.  All firm lawyers are committed to handling some Legal Aid certificates and pro bono matters as part of their practice.

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